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It's still TV. It's just converged!

Now available on some screen near you - Linear, CTV/Streaming, Digital Video

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The Future of Converged TV

One of our measurement partners, Innovid, just published “The Future of Converged TV is Now.” Based on a survey of senior marketing, media, and advertising executives, this excellent paper dives into how advertisers are using the various media channels today, how they expect to shift dollars going forward, and key challenges.

Some Key insights

  • Media plans designed to provide reach and engagement typically include at least two of the three elements of converged TV: Linear, CTV/Streaming, and Digital Video.

  • Though larger buys may bundle Linear and Streaming inventory directly from networks, the bulk of Streaming ads are placed programmatically.

  • Linear TV still dominates reach; CTV continues to close the gap.

  • Unified measurement, to get a full picture of Converged TV reach and performance and tie investments to outcomes, is important to both buyers and sellers, but it’s a work in progress. Use of cross-platform measurement and models continues to grow and evolve.

  • Creative strategies are evolving to use more Digital creative concepts of personalization and interactivity.

There’s much more in this worthwhile paper at­­­


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