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Are people still watching TV?

Given the highly fluid state of video viewership across all platforms and channels, we’ve got to look at relevant statistics to help us make the best decisions possible. So - while video in almost any form can entertain and inform, we also have to look at the interaction itself.


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One can easily argue that the “time spent” on your content is the most important metric. Sure, we all want lots of impressions, want to be in the right environment, but is your message resonating? TV/CTV in their combined form still reigns supreme in quality of time spent. Dwell on that for a minute!

The average :30 TV/CTV ad generates the same amount of attention as 1.5 YouTube ads, 4.5 Facebook in-feed ads or 40 desktop display ads.

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Source: Ebiquity, with Lumen, TVision and Dan White – The Challenge of Attention, June 2021

TV/CTV ads perform better than ads on digital video platforms, both in terms of overall spent watching and the percentage of the ad viewed.

  • The average :15 TV ad is watched for 7.5 seconds (50%of the full ad).

  • This is 50% greater than the 5.2 second average time spent with :15 no-skip ads on YouTube (35% of the ad).

  • Dwell time on other popular digital video ad formats goes down from there.


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